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After I graduated from UW-Madison the first thing most people would say when I told them I received my degree in Communications & Women/ Gender Studies was 'what are you going to do with that?". 

Honestly back then I didn't really know. But the answer is. THIS, dis it, this right here hommie! And to me, this is ev-er-y-thing!!!


Though I am grateful for my formal education, #PEOPLEscholar. Experience has proven to be my greatest teacher in life.


I have roots deep respect for Motherhood & The Movement. Both providing awareness & discernment, to ACT as if I am the one, I have been waiting for.


I am Marie T.

|I AM| sharing, my liberation journey as an accountability practice, with womxn, who too know, that they are the ones they have been waiting for.


|WE| understand,

Though liberation is political

The responsibility is collective

However, let's be clear...

The solution is personal. 

I desire 

Connecting with self

Collaborating with others &

Creating for the good of all involved


I believe

|WE| become liberated

our presence


liberates others.  

If you believe that too, lets Co.Co.Cre. boo

                                             Marie T. xoxo

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